John J. ("Jack") Mayer

Dr. Jack Mayer received both his B.A. in biology and Ph.D. in zoology from the University of Connecticut.  He is currently a research scientist and manager at the Savannah River National Laboratory in Aiken, South Carolina.  Dr. Mayer has been conducting research on wild pigs for over 40 years.  Although mostly focused on morphological work, it has also included research on wild pigs in the areas of systematics, behavior, population biology, reproductive biology, damage/impacts, and management/control techniques.  He is the senior author of “Wild Pigs in the United States.”  Dr. Mayer’s work with wild pigs has spanned three continents and included over 20,000 specimens examined/measured.  He was also one of the National Geographic Society team of scientists who were unearthed and examined the legendary, or perhaps infamous, “Hogzilla.”

Contact Information

John J. Mayer, Ph.D.

Manager, Environmental Sciences

Savannah River National Laboratory

Savannah River Nuclear Solutions LLC

Savannah River Site, Bldg. 773-42A

Aiken, SC 29808

(803) 725-5991 tel, (803) 725-7673 fax