Spenser E Bradley

Spenser Bradley is a Regional Extension Agent with Alabama Cooperative Extension System. He covers 7 counties in the Tennessee Valley Region and specializes in Forestry, Wildlife and Natural Resources Management. He started his career with Alabama Extension in July 2012. He received his B.S. in Wildlife and Fisheries Management from the University of Tennessee in Knoxville. Previously, he has worked for the US Fish and Wildlife Service in Alaska and the South Carolina Lowcountry, and Michigan State University.

Spenser brings …

Randy Smith

District Supervisor for Fort Worth District of the Texas Wildlife Services Program. A Cooperative between USDA-APHIS-Wildlife Services and Texas A&M AgriLife Extension – Wildlife Services.  Previously Randy was a staff biologist for the Texas Wildlife Services Program. Randy has 28 years of experience with this agency, starting as a Wildlife Biologist in Wichita Falls, Texas. In 1991 he moved to San Antonio to serve as the Urban Biologist, and took on the roll of Team Leader of the original Oral

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Feral Hogs in the U.S.



Mark A. Tyson

Mark A. Tyson was an Extension Associate with the Wildlife and Fisheries Sciences Extension Unit of the Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service. He specialized in feral hog education and providing technical assistance to landowners and land managers seeking to control feral hogs on their property. Mark has a B.S. in Natural Resource Management from Sul Ross State University and a M.S. in Wildlife, Aquatic, and Wildlands Science and Management from Texas Tech University. Prior to working for Texas A&M AgriLife …

Rebecca (Becky) McPeake

Rebecca (Becky) McPeake is Professor of Wildlife Extension at the University of Arkansas Division of Agriculture, Cooperative Extension Service and the Arkansas Forest Resources Center, where she has worked since 1998.  She has a B.S. in wildlife management, M.S. in wildlife education, and Ph.D. in the human dimensions of wildlife.  Previously, she worked for the Missouri Department of Conservation and Cornell University as a research technician.

Currently, Becky has statewide responsibility for wildlife Extension education in Arkansas. She works with …

Will Moseley

Will Moseley serves as a wildlife and fisheries consultant at the Noble Foundation. He has been in this position since 2008.

Before coming to the Noble Foundation, Moseley worked on his master’s degree studying the effects of supplemental feeding and density of white-tailed deer on the ecosystem in South Texas. He received his Master of Science in range and wildlife management in 2008 from Texas A&M University – Kingsville in Kingsville, Texas. He received his Bachelor of Science in wildlife …

Brucellosis in Feral Hogs

Swine brucellosis is a highly contagious infectious disease caused by the bacterium Brucella suis, of which there are five biotypes or strains.  Brucellosis represents a significant disease of domestic swine, which had been all but eliminated from domestic herds in the United States.  However, swine brucellosis infection commonly occurs in feral hog (also called wild hogs; Sus scrofa) populations in this country.  Several species of vertebrates can also contract this disease.  Biotypes 1 and 3 can cause infections …

Pseudorabies Virus in Feral Hogs

Pseudorabies virus (PRV), also known as Aujeszky’s disease, is an infectious viral disease that is caused by the Suid herpesvirus 1 (SuHV-1).  The name “pseudorabies” means “rabies like” or “false rabies;” however, PRV is a herpes virus and is not related to the rabies virus.  Although humans cannot be infected, PRV is found in several species of mammals (for example, cattle, sheep, goats, deer, bears, cats, dogs, mink, skunks, raccoons, rabbits and rats) as well as swine.  It represents a …

Amy E. Hays – Texas AgriLife Extension

Amy Hays - Texas AgriLife Extension Service Bio Photo

Amy E. Hays is a Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Program Specialist with the Texas A&M Institute of Renewable Natural Resources.  She specializes in natural resource management.  Her specializations include GIS, GPS, Remote Sensing, distance education, social media, and community management (facilitation and leadership development).  She is currently serving on the eXtension Content Staff along with her duties for AgriLife.  Amy has a B.S. in Wildlife and Fisheries Sciences, and a M.S. in Rangeland Ecology and Management – both from Texas …